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Subwoofer Loaction in a Sv6 ve ute

Discussion in 'Just Commodores Polls' started by JackTheCommoDude, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. JackTheCommoDude

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    Feb 14, 2017
    Sunny Coast
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    SV6 VE
    hi all im getting my first car soon. im getting a sv6 ute probably around a 2010 model and i want to put a 12" sub and amp in although i have no idea how. ive noticed that there isnt much room in the cabin and im no sure about puting it in the tray because ive heard it could rattle also dont want to put it in the tray because ill be puting my mountain bike and dirtbike in the tray with tools so i dont want the sub to get wet or damaged. im wanting to have a sub in a ported enclosure as i like deep heavy bass ( i listen to rap/hip hop) anyone know if i can fit a couple 12"s behind the seats or maybe one 15" sub but i definately want them in a ported box i could deal with a single 12" aswell if i cant fit a 15... cheers

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