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Sudden Loss of Power Steering WHEN DRIVING

Little Fella

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Nov 15, 2018
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VF Commodore Evoke
Like Kris, I experienced a sudden loss of Power Steering 5/11/18, immediately after a warning came up "Service Power Steering Soon. Drive carefully.", showed up on my 2014 VF Holden Commodore Evoke sedan. That's right a January 2014 model, because a customer has a reasonable right to expect a Steering Rack will last longer than it did and Fair Trading will back you on that. You have a Statutory Warranty under consumer law.
After trying 3 Holden Dealers I tried Holden Customer (Don't) Care and spoke to William who insisted I had to take it to a Holden Dealer to have the problem diagnosed and pay a fee of $275.00 which would be reviewed if "As discussed in the letter provided to you an initial diagnosis cost will be quoted before an inspection can occur, in the event that the fault is found to be a manufacturing issue we will review the potential to waive the diagnostic fee as a part of the warranty claim."
On 18/12/18 Holden (Brett) Customer Care finally approved the replacement then started to try to back away from the refund of the fee, saying the Dealer would discuss that with me when the replacement part/s had been fitted. The Dealer's Warranty Manager advises they can't approve a warranty refund of the diagnostic fee only Holden can do that.
Whilst this is an ongoing saga the lesson here is Holden have accepted that there is a problem and therefore a Statutory Warranty and if you push hard enough they will replace the Steering Rack without charge. As for the fee, my advice is refuse to pay it unless you are given a firm written undertaking that it will be refunded if the Rack is found to be faulty.