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Supercharge Help


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Mar 19, 2011
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VX "S" Pac Supercharged.
Hey guys,
i have a 2000, vx commodore supercharged.

19 PSI Boost Upgrade
1.97 Hybrid Extremes
69mm BIG Throttle
RACE Flow Cold Air
TG MAX Spark Leads
4" MAF Ducting Kit
81*C Thermostat !
Heatshield !
450 x 300 x 75mm Bar and Plate Intercooler

the problem is when the car is cold, it will stall when idling, i havent had it happen when i drive
but i notice that the revs will go up to say 2500 rpm then drop right back down until the car stalls... the problem with this is sometimes it will re-rev it self to stop it stalling, but as u cant idle u cant reverse or move the car until it is warm enough to hold its own revs
i also notice that i get a "clicking noise" before it re-revs it self
i tried revving it from the throttle body to see if i could locate the noise but as soon as u touch the throttle body it dies, but u can rev it from the accelerator
ive had the car tuned, but it still has the standard exhaust ... now i know the exhaust needs to be upgraded... this is on my to do list, but when the engine is warm it has no problems...

is there anything apart from the exhaust that could be causing it to stall?