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Suspension dramas


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Nov 19, 2008
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VR Ute
Hey to all, i own a Vr ute and have been having trouble with my front suspension for a long time. the ute has pedder sports ryders all round and its been lowerd at the front by an inch and i have 18inch 235/40 rims and tyres on it. All this has been on it since i bought it 2 years ago but yeah to the problem. The front just feel like crap, if i hit a bump on the road it just sounds like my wheels are gonna smash through there arches, my tyres scrub out cos it just smashes my wheel allignment out of wack. i want to raise the front back to standard, how much would that cost? my ride looks sweet but i just want it to ride sweet now. all the rear shocks and rubbers have been replaced so i dont need any info on the back. plz help guys its pissing me off. any help would be greatly appreciated