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Tail Light Loom Stuck


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Nov 21, 2018
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Tweed Heads
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VZ Sv6
Hey all,

I was simply trying to replace the rear driver indicator light and i cant for the life if me get the loom to release from the housing.. I tried the brake and reverse light housings and they came out easily, but the Indicator one seems stuck. it also looked mis- oriented like they put it in 180 degrees sideways last time. Another thing is the globe may have melted onto the tail light cover as when i look in the back the globe seems "slumped down" though its hard to see through the pattern (SS style tail lights) however the plastic cover of the light looks fine. the reason I think it may have overheated and got stuck in place is because i was having a "stay on" issue for about 10 mins before it blew.

What im wondering is, can i force the loom housing out of the tail light? i suppose ill have to get another housing if i break it. i know this isn't a great description but yeah im stumped.

I guess I should buy a second hand loom incase i break this one and just force the sticky one out?