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TBA New 78mm Throttle Body

Discussion in 'LSx Development and Modification' started by OLS108, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. OLS108

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    Mar 6, 2005
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    Stockish VX Berlina
    OK, while its is going somewhat going against what i have Previously said.. my own recent Testing has Proved this.
    i am talking about a new Product on the Market from Throttle Bodies Australia , its the 78mm Complete TB that comes with everything except the Sensors which are Switched over in all of 10mins.
    while this is Just a test Mule TB the Others will looks somewhat the same.
    although i have not tested this on a Dyno I know it Made 8rwkw on an unopened WK statesmen that has Just become the Fastest stock stall unopened LS1 Stato in the world.
    with Current Mods to date
    Power Torque Mafless tune
    Power Torque OTRCAI
    3,73 LSD diff
    Pacemaker TRI Y
    and twin 2-1/2 system
    and of course the TBA TB
    with a PB of 12.9@108MPH
    which i am sure many of you unopened guys are thinking is a Bloody Huge result considering the Weight of a Barge.
    my car hit the Track for the first time with the new TB and SMASHED my PB of 12.65 ( on semi slicks)
    to 12.50@110MPH on street 18" tyres.

    another Test car was the Red Power torque Built SV8 owned By Markone2
    this car is Cam only and was running 11.1 up until he removed his SS inductions TB and fitted the TBA TB and gained 4rwkw on the dyno and ran a PB of 11.01 at willowbank raceway taking him EVER so close to the Magic 10 Second Zone.

    all in all a Great Bolt on Mod for ANY LS1 and i am told there will be a Fly by wire one coming along soon for those with a VZ/LS2/L76

    PS someone please Sticky

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    Jul 4, 2005
    Greenwith S.A
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    Enhanced Auto cammed VXSS 5.7A4
    i can testify to this. Towlers have fitted and tested out one on my car and all i can say is it is fantastic. driveability is awesome and throttle response is now so crisp it's unreal, plus that polished alloy looks horny under the bonnet!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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