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TCM BCM Communication


Feb 9, 2010
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VZ Executive
Any ideas on whats causing this.

When driving down the road my instrument cluster will die and restart just like it does when you start up, it does this once or twice a day the car keeps going like normal while it does this.

About once a month you will be driving along all is normal till "Check Power train" comes up on dash car goes into a limp mode, and get the "service vehicle soon" message. no speedometer or rev-counter trans shows as being in park. To fix this i pull the TCM BCM ECM fuse under the bonnet to reset and all is good again. while its in limp mode doing my code reader wont connect as soon as i reset car it will connect, normally leaves no code, i think i may have gotten one which turned out to be TCM to BCM no communication.

Thoughts Please

Thanks Dean.....