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The Boganator intro

The Boganator

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Dec 6, 2018
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02 VY SV8
Hey guys and Gals. First a quick intro from me. My names Rob, I live near Griffith NSW and I'm the wrong side of middle age. I have pretty good mechanical knowledge but no mechanic. My father was a mechanic for 30 years and while I learnt allot from him, cars now days are a completely different kettle of fish to the cars I worked and helped work on. I try my best to keep up somewhat but am not afraid to say the computer side of things does my head in due to lack of being shown. Mechanically, I'll have a go at fixing anything but am currently off work after my back went for the third time this year ( bulged discs), so now I think Ill be paying people to work on my car out of necessity of self preservation and don't dare have a crack at much more than plug and play and anything that doesn't involve distortion of my body or bending down too much, so not much.
My ride, I drive a series 1 VY LS1 SV8 6 speed manual LSD sedan that's just gone 140,000km. I've owned her about 18 months and purchased her off the second owner with odometer at 98,000km.
Originally purchased for a HWY car because I do allot of it for work (70-100km a day) and an LS1 is easy to listen to for an hour a day. She gets a good squirt when I can, but I don't thrash my cars so not too much abuse.
Mod wise, I've not done much as I've been working a fair bit and had a bit to fix over the time I've had her...but I have plans somewhat. The only major modification I can see that's been done is 2 1/4 dump pipes from the original exhaust manifolds to stock cats and a 3" cat back system, along with 17" rims and king SSL springs on the FE2 rear suspension. I've only replaced the stereo and speakers myself mod wise, not much just a Kenwood double din stereo, 7x10's in the rear shelf and polk 5x7s in the front doors. Its a daily and I spend a good hour a day in it so the original stereo was a necessity.
Since I've had it I've replaced water pump, timing cover gasket, Just had installed a HD clutch kit ( Blusteele recommended by a mate), EGR plastic bullshit hose, tail shaft center bearing, done replacement of almost all fluids ( steer, diff and brake to go), starter I suspect from the increased sized exhaust pipe running past it currently, swaybar bushes and tie rod ends, so not too bad for what still is a 16 year old car Ive got a HSV pre series 2 VY LS1 extractors I got for $61 off ebay but cats are fucked. Unsure if to proceed with the HSV headers or just sell them and start again with maybe series 2 VY HSV's instead with decent cats.
How's that for an intro!


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