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The ride aphex built


May 4, 2006
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Ya mums house!!!
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VS 3.8l Exec
Well it's been a long time comming that i finally released i needed some pics of my latest cars...
So anyways basically my daily a VS S2 Exec, basically brought back to perfect mechanical working! I have spent ages doing bits and peices slowly to get it to the point it is now... I can tell you that this car honestly feels like a brand new car now since fianlly getting all the mechanical gear working as new...
Some of the mods done so far: Rebuilt trans, Stage 2 shift kit, Corvette servo, top end engine rebuild, all new sensors, monroe GT's all round, new mounts, pullies, radiator, so on and so forth!
Of course the colour is shocking, i'm not really liking it atm, plus the paint is peeling badly on the roof and top of boot... So i figure a Ultra metalic black would make this really stand out! and then finally new interior...

I should also mention I am wanting to sell her off... unfortunatly I have no room for her anymore... :(

Now the VR, Acclaim S2. well it was a recent aquired machine, but i am unable to afford everything that's needing to go into it!, basically the Buick engine has had a rebuild, and this car is damn fun to drive... (btw this car has some serious acceleration power) I don't think i could ever drive something as fun as this car again, i mean compared to a VE or VZ i'll take this older VR any day!
this car is perfect in every way inside! all the electrics work, except tacho, but i have a few level 3's i will be putting into both cars shortly... had a brand new braking system installed, bushes all round etc etc... but it needs a little more TLC than i am prepared to give it. It'll suck to see this ride go also!!!

more pics in this thread...