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Turbo v6 VR tune, 2 bar map not working PLEASE help me


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Mar 2, 2011
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Sunshine Coast, QLD
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V6 VR Wagon
Hi guys

I am putting a turbo on my vr v6. I had a memcal tune made up for me from an ebay seller called pro-tune specifically for a stock auto vr with the GM 2 bar map sensor (part no. 16254539)
The map sensor I brought was used

Today I installed the chip and map sensor. The turbo is not fitted yet I just wanted to see if it worked.

The engine starts for half a second then dies.

Would the map sensor voltage mapping be wrong in the tune or maybe the unit itself is broken?
I disconnected the vacuum line from the map and plugged the end... this allowed the car to at least idle....so obviously the sensor is working and sending values.

Luckily I soldered a chip socket on the memcal board so I just plugged the old chip back in with the original map sensor and its back to normal now.

I'm not sure what to do next.... get another map sensor and give it a try or find a better tune.

Does anyone here know where I could source another tune?

Any help would be appreciated as my car is very unhappy not being turbo :-(

****Update**** It turns out the moron I ordered the 2 bar map sensor from sent me the 3 bar sensor instead, covering the oem code up with a sticker over the top with the part number for the 2 bar.
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