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V8 fuel pump

Mr Ute

New Member
Oct 25, 2006
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Has any one changed there pump to a aftermarket one.My pump is noisy as and im just waighting for it to go pop so i thort i would change the dam thing be for i get stranded.Noing that the holden pumps are crap i was looking for a aftermarket pump that would be verry quiet and more efficient.haveing a ute with the pump 1 foot from my head the noise is just anoying.
Also how would you go fiting a external pump.I no it just runs inline wich is no problems but what do you do with plate that the internal sits on.Do you leave it as it is or do you have to extend the main line inside the tank to sit where the internal use to sip up the fuel.
Any one no of a good brand at a good price.i dont need no hi output pump just something with a little better quality than the std wether be in or out.