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VB rolling shell, no motor or box, Vic


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May 29, 2005
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VN series II custom :) and VZ exec
ITEM: VB commodore, sedan, rolling shell in good conditions, no motor or box, no glass, the buyer can take the doors, bonnet, guards, booot, dash, seats as well if they would like, can also throw in a 179 motor disassmbled, this was my beloved project which i cant afford to do anymore as im short on funds now (lost my job :( ) but if someone wants it make an offer or its scrap metal, need a car teailer to take it

LOCATION: located in Mildura, Victoria

CONDITION: pretty good condition for its age, minor rust aound windows

PRICE: make an offer, i will basically take anything of $50 so have a go see what happens

DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up only cannot deliver

PAYMENT OPTIONS: direct deposit or cash when you come get it

CONTACT DETAILS: Email me at [email protected] or PM or just reply to this thread

OTHER INFO: was a six cylinder, most of the wiring has been hidden, headlight wiring under guards, and so on, alse the engine bay has some body filler whear i have smooth some of it, but obvioulsy unfinished, just need to get rid of it and make some room

PICTURES: will get some in next few days