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Vc sle


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Jun 5, 2009
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Gawler, SA
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VC Commodore SLE
ok everyone, being new here I thought I'd let you all know what I'm up to in my spare time so here goes.

This is my VC SLE that I got a few weeks ago.
I have already tidied up a couple bits & pieces and am planning to use it when I get my license. *SAGov better not bring in laws like the eastern states where you cant drive a V8*
I am not looking to give it a full on total rebuild but do plan to get it looking fairly nice. The body is fairly straight but I am fixing the dings and rust ready for a coat of paint. Im thinking blue on silver. Would like yellow or red but then you gotta paint the inside of the doors, engine bay ect.. The interior will get a bit of a lift new front seats maybe new dash, new carpet. Running gear is a pretty good, maybe drop a manual in it but we'll see how we go. Wanting to lower it & put some big rims on. Yeah, just little bits and pieces really. Already got stuck into the front with the sander and bog, gave it a good clean, new aerial, new front bumper to go on.
Yeah well ill keep you posted on progress.


Ill put some more pics up later.