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VE High End Glove Boxes

Fu Manchu

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Mar 18, 2006
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Slug powered VZ, Cross 8 VZ, VE Calais & ya mum.
Our VE S1 Calais V has a black glove box interior that has flocking through the whole inner glovebox door piece. It's a nice touch.

The top component of it seems the same as standard low spec models. (same part number)

I need to replace it because the pin connected to the soft close mechanism is broken.

I've gone to a few wreckers and they have said they only come with a carpet insert in the centre part, yet I have one that has flocking through the whole lot. It's a nice touch.

I purchased one on eBay (from a Caprice) and it also looks like the low spec ones inside with the high end suede front outer facia panel.

Do all the glove boxes have the pen holder in the door?
Do all high end models have flocked glove box door interiors?