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[Alloytec] VE SV6 V3 Vortech Charger E69 ECU Error Help!!

Discussion in 'V6 Development And Modification' started by Ryan.Peterson1, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Ryan.Peterson1

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    Oct 24, 2018
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    2011 VE SV6 Commodore
    Morning All,

    First time poster.

    I've got a 2011 VE SV6 LLT with a V3 Intercooled CAPA kit, Fabricated CAI, Hurricane Extractors, 100 Cell Cats, 3" Manta Exhaust. Coil over suspension, Drilled and Slotted bigger disc and upgraded pads.

    Long story Short, at about 160,000ks I put a ORSSOM OTR, 200cell cats and Xforce 2 1/4inch cat back exhaust. Had that tuned produced 190RWKW 428nm. My tuner told me that this car has the Bosch E69 ECU and they are very hard to tune due to the limited maps and low resolution in those maps. I was getting several errors, engine lights, running lean codes mainly, took it back to him a dozen times or so before everything was running smoothly without and codes.

    At that point I was happy with that but wanted something different and more power.

    Around 180,000 ks I decided to order the 9PSI Intercooled Capa kit, upgraded the brakes and suspension and put a LSD in it. I installed the Charger myself and took it back to my tuner, it produced 270Rwkw 580nm. Had a few niggling codes that needed to be tuned out due to the E69 ECU. The 9PSI kit was great but the Boost started building around 3,500rpm and I want it lower around 2,000rpm. So I ordered a 12PSI grip tech pulley put that on and had it retuned again, produced 291Rwkw 580nm.

    The day after I picked the car up I had a catastrophic failure, cylinder 4 detonated and lost 75% pressure which caused the motor to pump oil through the blow pipe back to the air intake through the charger and into the intercooler. This was at 196,000ks

    It appears the failure was due to a number of things, injector failure, fuel pump failure, probably a few degrees too far advanced in the timing.

    Wanting something different (not a V8), I decided to get a reco engine and start the project again. When the engine arrived I decided to get extractors and an new bigger exhaust for no restriction, get a Oil catch can, and a heavy duty one way valve on the blow by pipe. I had a CAI fabricated to fit the charger as the filter was very restricted.

    The people that installed my engine did a base tune but the car was not running right hunting and gears changing very sloppy. So I took it back to my original tuner and he advised that they had turned off all my safety features, ABS, Traction control as they could not figure out how to tune this thing, Turning these features off made the gear box tune become very sloppy. My tuner changed the tune back to his, but kept their spark and AFR table. He did a few power runs and found identified that my in tank fuel pump was not holding pressure to maintain 12:1 AFR and was starting to lean out around 3,500rpm. So I upgraded the fuel pump to the ZL1 pump and it was like the car had a fresh set of lungs everything seem to run easier.

    So i've had it retuned last week after the new fuel pump install and got 270rwkw 568nm running 14 degrees timing and 12:1 AFR.

    However during the test drives and since i've picked it up there is a new error coming up. Im getting the P0101 error along with Service engine light, power reduction mode and EPS fault all at once. It only comes on under heavy acceleration and goes off around 1 min while decelerating.

    To monitor the AFR I've ordered a wideband o2 sensor gauge to try prevent leaning out.

    The tuner thinks it could be a speed sensor or abs harness. He told me this ECU is no good hard to tune so I guess what im asking Is if anyone else has had this error or is there a straight after market ECU that can replace the E69 ECU I can have this tuned more accurately with better resolution.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated


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