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Vg has lost its balls all of a sudden‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


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May 3, 2014
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Hello I have a 1992 vg commo it is duel fuel and I am having an issue regarding power loss
(balls and response not electrical)

Back story: put her in for a roadworthy got a long list to fix up mostly minor though the list included exhaust and air box which I beleive are the culprets of my problems.....I left mechanics in abit of a shitty mood and drove that mofo like she Deserved a good flogging ( I know I know) ....she drove fine and seemed to enjoy the rough treatment wheels spinning and stepping her out buissness as usual but after installing air box because of backfire damage from previous owner and catback exhaust because of lack their of, I sealed leaks then went for test run she seems to struggle, now bearing in mind she would hit 100kph in 2nd peaking the rpms,
she is now struggling to do that in 3rd at rpm peak something is wrong!

she just feels like a thrashed out old commo but I know it's not...she drove home good still a hungry 5ltr wanting to be pushed... it was sat for 1 week while changing struts and bearings then bolting cat and exhaust upto extractors and clipping on a new air-box amongst small stupid cosmetic things these were only engine related items on the list I messed with!

I'm no mechanic but it just feels like now she has cat+muffler+ extra pipework theirs something amiss with the setup
Or she cannot breathe because of an air flow issue
Any info on where to start with this problem will be greatly appreciated
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