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VH SL V6 Tahitian Blue painted pedl box blue centre caps colour coded


Dec 21, 2008
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VH Commodore
Hey guys so I bought an 82 VH SL as a little project car and below are some details of current and future mods, specs of car and engine. Things marked in brackets are old specs
Car 1982 VH SL Holden Commodore
Colour: A very lightly faded Tahitian Blue
Windows: Stock for now but will be going to 20% Window tint
Ignition: NGK Iridium spark plugs with ICE ignition leads suitable for GAS, stock coil packs. MSD coilpacks are for wankers.
Engine: 1996 L38 high comp [11:1] V6 ecotec from a VS commodore
Gear knob: I want to use the factory one but it don't fit on the rip shifter
Exhaust: I'm not quite up to that stage yet, got a set of VS pacemakers but they require fabrication to fit as the flange is hard up against the body. Thinking of buying some Di-fillipos though as been told they're better
Transmission: (Auto 3sp trimatic) Reconditioned Manual T5 short shift mech fitted
Fuel system: 60L VS fuel tank and +2 vs fuel lines added, one for the return as it's efi and one for the main flow. Will eventually source out a VLT fuel setup but funds are lacking atm and I want to get this thing on the road & running
Pedal box: VC 6cyl box but having issues getting the right clutch pedal.. Something to do with the cable not sitting in the firewall/box properly???
Clutch: Exedy 5puk Brass Buttoned ceramic twin plate friction disc.
Tailshaft: Still not done but will be a mix of a VS V8 tailshaft with the end made to fit a VH tailshaft via the center bearing and a rear half of a 202 shaft.
Diff: Stock but thinking about welding it just for now. Plans are to source a Salisbury 10 bolt LSD or a VLT setup
Tyres/Wheels: Stock 14 inch rims with the chrome trims and center caps in them
Brakes: VS Booster and Master cylinder, VN front rotors and calipers (Stock same as a VH) and stock rear drums. Still not hooked up as yet, will be getting some custom lines fabricated up.
Suspension: Lowered king springs in the front but unsure of the size, and stock rears. Nolathane Link pin bushes with Nolathane castor bushes and and sway bar D bushes
K-Frame VN K-frame with suspension bolted straight up with no hassles.
Interior SL Dash & Cluster. About to install a Slx cluster though with the revs oil press etc. Stock interior that needs bits & pieces replaced due to breaking them when fitting wires inside
Exterior: Stock VH SL with chrome bumpers that require freshening up.
Lights: 120+ H4's in the front for brighter look but keeping the olden look. Rears just standard SL lights that i plan to paint to make them look like SL/E lights and get the extensions for them.
Stereo: A whopping huge 4 inch speaker in the middle of the dash! :p Old school as fu&* with a clarion head unit that has been wired up by a two year old by the looks of things.

Well that sums up the car side of things I think, now for the engine side.
I'll start from the top to bottom then list the MISC things.

69MM Throttle body
Chromed plenum chamber top
Mace 12MM plenum lid spacer
Plenum chamber with some die grinding too it to smoothen out air flow a little
VT fuel rail and VT injectors (Soon to go L67 injectors right before tune)
40MM Mace inlet manifold spacer (fur tunnel ram effect)
Match ported intake manifold runners for better air flow
Steel intake manifold gaskets
Balance shaft delete (Regretful, even with a balanced engine still get intense vibrations)
Rockers: 1.9:8.7 ultra high ratio roller rockers from Mace Engineering group.
Yella Terra extra heavy duty engine valve springs #800
Heavy duty forged push-rods.
High performance roller lifters
Over sized exhaust valves
Clearance for high ratio rockers to suit camshaft
Single row aftermarket timing gear advanced by about 8 degrees on the sprocket.
Roughly 80 thou removed off heads with almost
10:6.19xxx compression when CC'd heads.
Exhaust ports opened up to the very max
307~ lift in camshaft with 225/222 valve lap duration form memory, (She's lumpy but not lumpy enough) billet roller cam made by clive cams in ftg.
Dished forged pistons with ceramic coated facing (Just with a lower dish than what factory has because flat tops were no where to be seen at the time of initial build), slightly over sized too but can't remember how much by.
L67 forged connecting rods with L67 oil compression rings.
Billet forged brand new NOT a re-ground crankshaft with ARP 4 bolt main studs.
VX Deep pan sump.

Power outcome: 162.6 Rwkw/222.2 rwhp on a low/safe tune with about 400 + NM of torque. This torque figure was acheived with 3.8:9 final drive gears when the engine was firstly built but has since had more work done to it.

Now for the MISC prats.

MaFless tune on 1bar map sensor.
Lots of cool engine paint. Mixed between black on the small things and silver on the big things to kind-of separate them. Had it all 100% silver beforehand but needed something to stand out.
Got some paint made up to suit my car and fixed up a few nasty rust holes and patches with some filler then re painted that whole section.
Touched up the engine bay to freshen it all up, painted the K-frame and tunnel blue with more parts to be painted yet.Underneath of the body is going to be painted black like the olden day cars.
Colour coded Center caps
Colour coded pedal box (It looks cool!)

I think that's all there is too it from memory though I probably have left some things out.
Don't hesitate to ask me anything, the most asked question is why a V6 over a V8. Well I'm within good reason, old enough to drive a V8 but held back by the law and it's a personal choice, what ever way you look at it it's an upgrade from any standard motor inside the VH from factory V6 or V8.
Below I have attached some photos and youtube video links being both previous and current of the car engine combo.
The car is currently still in the build and turns over but no start yet due to wiring only half done. Wiring wasn't the easiest thing easier.

Here are some videos of what it used to look and sound like.
First day of getting the car back from the tuners - Custom cam, New engine setup - YouTube
About a month in with just over the 1K mark on a cold start - http://youtu.be/7am3eivUxvE (Please excuse my **** choice of music, I don't know what I was thinking then haha)
Short video when the engine was simply fitted a cam and rocker pack only - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhSSoX3_rIo
Video of how quick it started up first time every time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch69w1yij_o