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vh V8 conversion with borg warner 5 speed


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Sep 9, 2009
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Hey guys first time on this so dont have much clue but I need help so ill throw this out there....
I have a vh commo with a blue 202 in it backed up by a borg warner 5 speed
Now i have 253 in the garage that i just rebuilt for funsies here are the inquiries.

Matching the box to the motor, it's trimatic of course but sourcing a bellhousing and what kind of flywheel cluth plate setup is hard and I tried castlemaine rod shop, and the best advice they could give me was throw the box out lol any help??

how much do I have to shorten the tailshaft by if any?

and the can i get away with the 6 k frame?

If the borg warner isn't gunna turn out (which i have a feeling it wont) what are my options T5?? coz it looks like i shouldn't have sold my aussie four speeds.