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VK 308 fuel system problems


Nov 26, 2008
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SA great mate!!
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VK 308
hello i just bought a VK 308 pretty standard besides an exhaust an aparently stage three heads an a cam ( yet to find out ) it has a in tank fuel pump an sender unit an the things completly cactus!! im havin trouble findin a replacement wrekers dont have any an im to poor to buy genuine lol i want to know if i can put a fuel pickup an sender from a 202 tank an run an external fuel pump??? will the sender pickup thing suck up enough juice for the V8, an also should i have a mechanical pump on there?? it doesnt look like theres been one on there before but it does have a plate there for it, the guy i bought it from told me he had troubles with the fuel pump aswell an he bought the current pump from a wreker years ago an that he always had some trouble with it, would not havin a mechanical pump on there strain the in tank pump out or is the single intank pump enough by its self?? are there any replacement system setup that i can put on there that will run it ?? any help is good cheers :D