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VK V8 Trimatic Trans leak solved


Nov 18, 2005
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Adelaide(City of Godbothers)Churches S.A.
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308 VK Calais, VK EFI Berlina, V6 VN & Kenworth...
Here's one for the F*CK ME books.We rebuilt my Transmission last yr with every seal & Gasket I could buy.We ripped it out in the 1st place because the Pump Gasket was stuffed & it poured Fluid out as soon as it was started.Ever since we put it back in it has had a tiny leak still that's had me stuffed:bang:.It seemed to be leaking between the 2 Trans hoses.As I knew the hoses were tight it had to be the Solenoid.I butchered mine getting it out because I couldn't see how it came out but it was stuffed anyway, but to remove them you squeeze the top with some pointy nose pliers(there's no room in the tunnel so there lies the prob)& it slides downwards into the trans pan.On the bottom of it is a tiny rubber Seal....bingo.:yeah:

P.S. a great place for Trans/Diff parts in Adelaide is Auto-Trans Diff Parts at Pooraka.I found the hard to get parts that Motor Traders, Sprints or Supercheap don't carry there...