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vl calais 355


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Feb 16, 2008
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vy2 clubsport
hello all.

just thought that i would post up some pics,specs of my "budget" build 355 vl calais.

Walkinshaws,calais rims, momo status and vx gts (just choose what I feel).
lowered all round.
vt brake upgrade kit in shed.
5inch autometer gauge and 3 hood gauges.

and the little extras I would like to add is a 4 inch reverse cowl scoop and a b&m pro ratchet.

Trimatic pattern block bored 30thou.
Scat crank.
Scat 5.7 inch "h" beam rods.
383 pistons with 4vr.
vn heads with small port work.
roller rockers 1.6.
arp main studs.
standard vn distributor recurved.
dual valve springs.
modded standard oil pump.
rollmaster red 9 keyway dual timing chain
700 Holley.
pacemaker ph5700 1 3/4's.
Harrop s/p with front and rear runners in the plenum ported and also each runner has been opened up as it enters cyl head intake ports.will need to match port cyl heads to manifold.

Cam has not been chosen but more then likely a crane 280 or 288 solid.

Whilst the motor is out the father in law is also going to rebuild the trimatic and a choice on stall will be made along with diff gears.

Exhaust will be twin 3 inch with two hi flow cats, two mufflers then go into a single three inch out the back.

Engine bay is sanded ready to be painted.

Will upload pics as progress is made.

These are before pics of eng and eng bay.

The momo wheel I kept from old vl.