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VN conversion to VR, now what?


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Jan 12, 2011
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VN V6 Wagon
G'Day all,

Just recently put a VR engine into my VN. I've considered purchasing a MACE 70mm throttle body, but after reading through their threads people have had problems afterwards with needing a tune etc to sort it out.

When coming to knowledge of memcals etc i can be compared to a monkey :(

Since everything is still the same memcal, ecu wise, will a VR memcal fit and/or improve overall performance or do i need a VN memcal re-tuned to run a VR engine?
AND if i do purchase the throttle body will i need a tune? Keeping in mind i have already a CAI, K&N filter, 2.5" Cat Back exhaust already on the car, and have 3.7 diff gears and stage 2 shift kit laying around that im yet to install due to lack of funds (damn being a uni student) haha.

Also where do i get a tuned memcal to suit, or should i order one through MACE stating which mods i have done and are planning to do?

Sorry if this is all a little confusing, im confused and have being reading through threads the last 2 hours trying to find answers of the many questions i have. I hope you all understand and can help me out, will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers all.