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Vp paint


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Feb 12, 2009
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Melbourne ;D
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Vp exec
Hey guys
i need help i have a major dint in my boot and need it fixed ive tried to pop it out as much as i can and theres a whole there. now the problem is my mate thinking he knows everything put some stuff on it so it doesnt rust n no water goes into my boot

now its gone hard n he sanded it back n that was yesterday n it looks like **** n its not smooth, now im needing to buy a vp boot and ill spray it my self BUT i need someone to tell em what stuff to prep with as i dont know what to get.

also does anyone know the colour of the grey that they have on calais like the bottom half cause im wanting to do the bottom half of my car grey...

will have pics up tomorrow of the dint and probs i have :bang:
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