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VQ 5 ltr Auto, wont change gears unless over 3500-4000 RPM

Mad Pete

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Jul 7, 2010
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sydney west
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2005 VZ SV6
hi ive only just got this car ,seems to be a stanard 5 ltr with extractors i was told it had a closed ratio box and taller diff but im not sure of the ratio but the diff was only just put in before i got it..
the problem is I have to floor it for it to change gears but when it does it drives well and changes through the gears quiet smooth..
but this makes it a bit hard to drive around local coz most of the streets around here are 50 kph..
i notice today if i take my foot off the excelrater at lower revs it dose change gear so i guessing it has
something to do with the kickdown..
Also when it does change it shifts hard at low revs..
and it wont change into top gear unless i give it to it or back off on the excelrater..
any advice before i start tinkeing would be much appreciated thanks..
the car is a grey 5 ltr VQ Statesman with RIZNUP nsw number plates, if anyone knows the car..
cheers pete :driving: