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vr body leak found


May 6, 2010
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vr series 2
i found water on the floor of the sedan and you could see water dripping after wetting along the firewall from guard to guard under the windscreen. I found where the main wiring loom go through the firewall is leaking and then near the accelerator cable and then it look like from the master cylinder brake pedal connect. so thought i'll check the seam that joins where the windscreen cell to the firewall i check it had a little hole size of a ball point pen. then i got a flat screw driver to touch the seam sealer and found water bubbles appear from the bottom and then you could see where the seam sealer has seperated from the windscreen cell and firewall. i got the hose and tested again this where the water was comming in the car. what is the best way removing the seam sealing goo all the way along the firewall and if i should put fish oil along the seam before then use seam sealer again.