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Vr manual clutch cable set up + others qs

Chris E

New Member
Dec 28, 2008
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Vr Executive 3.8
Hey guys

Still doing this auto to manual conversion on my vr v6.

Just wondering how the clutch cable is set up at the gearbox? Like which sides the pieces go on if you know what i mean. I've attached some pictures of the set up to make explaining it easier.

Also wondering if anyone has genie extractors with 218ER stamped on them? and if anyone knows if they will fit the manual, I'm thinking they might, maybe just fit past if i take off the steering rack first, not sure though.

Also the memcal I've got is apparently designed to make the manual ECM work with the auto harness but the plugs from the auto loom doesn't fit the manual computer, its just the little bits on the plug that stick out dont line up with the cut outs, so should i cut them down? I've ran the car with the chip in the auto ECM but all I know is that it starts nothing else.

Thanks for your help guys