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VR V6 SC14 setup, what to do before a tune?


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Dec 29, 2010
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96 VS Exec sII 3.8
Hi guys,
I have recently installed an sc14 on my vr v6, my current setup is as follows (no internal mods due to P-Plater rules)
high flow extractors, high flow performance cat, 2.5" cat back exhaust, Modified v8CAI, high flow K&N filter into Toyota SC14 supercharger running 3psi stock pulley, into 70mm Throttle body

So my question is, what should i do before i get a tune?, i was thinking of a 2-bar map sensor, slightly larger injectors and a vs super6 or YellaTerra coilpack.
i was also thinking of running a set of Mace 1.9:1 roller rockers (would these throw off the tune massively if i bought them afterwards).
i am later planning on running around 10psi inter-cooled through this setup and i'm also thinking of buying some larger injectors that would suit the setup when i move to 10psi (so i don't have to buy 2 sets) would this pose any kind of issue with my current setup etc.
also on a more sc14 specific note if anyone has done one of these installs previously it would be much appreciated if you could send me a pic of your vac lines and Map sensor line, i am currently running vacs to TB and Map to TB with line coming from the rocker cover to the Vac side of the sc14.(i couldn't find a definitive answer on the vac lines in the sc14 thread as it is way old and there are a lot of answers which contradict eachother and the pictures i have seen)

Thanks in advance guys