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[NSW] VR/VS Parts Cleanout


Mar 8, 2005
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Penrith NSW
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2013 MY12.5 SV6Z + 2016 MY16 SV6, both manuals
I moved my VS on many years ago, but did not do anything with a number of parts that I have. Now my old home is about to be bulldozed to make way for an apartment block. If they don't move quickly, then they will end up in a tip.

I only have until Wednesday (13th June) to be out, so you can see the short period available. Items would need to be picked up from Penrith NSW. I apologise for the short notice if you are interested but the short notice rules you out.

Items available are:

1. Long range fuel tank (used, but in good condition), with fuel sender unit, straps and stone guard. I bought this to put into my VS, but it did not fit. Since my VS was IRS, I assume that it fits a vehicle with a rear axle back end. I would like something for it, but would let it go for nix rather than have it wasted.

2. Radiator including fan (used). Same on price.

3. About five or six level 3 instrument clusters (all used, but no leaks in the LCDs), with at least one of the wiring harnesses to facilitate installation in a non-level three fitted vehicle. same on price.

4. Centre console with lid, but not rear aircon vents for a manual (used). Same on price.

5. A number of Ecotech oil filters (new, genuine) and one or two VS air filters (new). Same on price.

6. A bonnet protector )new), but no fitting kit. Same on price.

7. A caster (or was it camber) adjusting kit (new). Same on price.

Again, these items would need to be picked up from Penrith NSW no later that Wednesday, 13th June. I would appreciate cash payment if we agree on a price. I would like some return, but as already advised I would rather let them go for nix than have them wasted.

Best method of contact would be initially by SMS advising what you are interested in to 0402 540 060. I will check the mobile regularly and get back to you quickly.