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VR Wiring Diagram



Does anyone have wiring diagrams for the VR V8 Auto. I need the ECM connections specifically for changing the ECM connector from Manual to Auto. I have already got all the wires run except for the new Knock sensor I bought. Not sure where this will go either.


More Info

The reason I'm doing this is because I have built a 5.9L EFI engine for my 79 HZ SLE Statesman. I first decided on a VN T700 Auto and ECU but changed to the VR T700 and ECU to get a faster BAUD between my laptop and ECU. The 8192 Baud rate of the VR will allow my laptop to log over 50 times faster than the 160 Baud rate of the VN-VP. This means the logged info will look more like a realtime curve than plotting points on a graph.

Only problem was the engine loom I have is a VR manual that I bought for the VN ECU so I have ripped the transmission wires off a donor V6 VR and intend on reconfiguring the V8 manual wires with the V6 transmission wires to create a VR V8 Auto engine loom. Sounds tough but it should be a piece of cake if I can get the ECM connections list for the VR V8 Auto. (I've already run the wires from my transmission)

I already have the manual VR V8 ECM connection list so I am guessing it will be as easy as comparing the manual with the auto connections
and using the correct pin.

I also might need the V6 Auto ECM connections list to compare the VR V6 Auto transmission wire colours with the VR V8 Auto wire colours. And... if anyone has the update for the Series II auto transmission this would be much appreciated.

Hopefully someone out there has some idea of what I am trying to achieve.
Thanks guys