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VR with VY ECOTEC - Head retensioning


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Jun 25, 2009
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North coast NSW
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1994 VR S2 Acclaim
Hi peeps,

I've got my VR with my .040" o/s'd VY-spec'd (aka VY internals) VS ECOTEC, which has done roughly 18,000-19,000km since being rebuilt & put in. Now it's time to have the head bolts retensioned - I have a torque spanner here, which I've used on my MH Barina to tension, and retension the head bolts for it - but, it was a completely different approach (as I was also safe to use the old bolts again, and the procedure was purely 'tighten to xx Nm torque').

There are a few (seemingly minor) 'issues' with it... it will give a bit of a stutter at random intervals (like once or twice every 100km), it uses / loses water - without oil in water / water in oil, and also stalls after deceleration (like, at an intersection, when in neutral (manual) and no foot on the accelerator).

I can say this much... the car does go really well! It doesn't really lack power, though at times, it does seem to idle rough, and need to put the foot on it a bit just to get it to come back up to normal idle.

Any valid / GOOD help with this would be greatly appreciated. This is my daily driver - I need it every day, especially with my wife in hospital at present. =/