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VS Big Problems.. Windows,locks,stereo not working.


CRuiZn..Lookn 4 A.B Cover
Aug 19, 2008
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Perth W.A
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95 VS Berlina
Hey i have a 95 vs berlina and i went on a camping trip the other day.. i had to do some work on my stereo on the trip,( just taking the deck out)
after that everything was good until i pushed my deck back in then randomly my windows\centlocking\stereo no longer work.
i have checked the fuses and cant see any probs.(may be wrong)
i have changed a few.
now when i press lock on my key the car just beeps (not locking beep)
stereo has no power watsoever,
and the windows dont either.
i didnt hit anywires to my knowledge when pushing the deck back in place and the deck wiring is all covered and cliped.
it was working for about 20 kms ( i had the deck out still to see if i had fixed the problem) then when i put it back in thats when it all stoped working.
im not sure if it is the BCM because other things are still running..
im not quite sure if something is shorting it but yeh anyhelp be great thanks..