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VS burnout car 5.0L

Gunns VC

New Member
Jun 29, 2006
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85 VK Berlina
Hi guys, i am slowly putting together a vs 5.0l wagon burnout car but i have a few questions about it so any help will be much appreciated.

What sort of exhaust should i use? I have HSV extractors and Y pipe and was thinking of just stopping it there. Would this make the car perform worse than if i had a full system? Im not sure if i would be required to run a CAT or even mufflers at burnout comps.

What sort of cam should i run? The only mods i will do to the motor are better intake, exhaust, bigger t/b and maybe some injectors.

And finally do you think the car will have enough power to rip a skid? I am going to put a line locker in too just to help?

Any help much appreciated!