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Can't live without smoky bacon!
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Apr 15, 2006
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Sth Auck, NZ
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HSV VS Senator, VX s2 Calais S/C
It actually really gripes me, when people offer nothing and then expect a free ad to sell their wares. Same goes when you give advice to a newbie and never hear back with a response or thanks.
Statistically the issue could be more blokes doing it, but the ratios of blokes and girls using the site is why the statistics would sway the blokes way. I have just noticed it a few times and when I have noticed the for sale thing on #1 post and said something it's been chicks more often.
You would have to see all the For Sale 1st post/threads we delete. When I see a for sale thread the first thing I do is look at the user data, when it shows they only joined just before posting the thread goes IN THE BIN! (Thanks MCM) The Trading post rules are been strictly enforced after the recent event when a new user ripped off other users (offered items for sale in a regular thread started by a different user, took payment and then ghosted the user).

Anyway, this has gone way off topic. Lets talk about VS SLR5000's.....