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Vs ss issues


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May 9, 2017
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New Zealand
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VX Berlina Supercharged L67
Hey everyone, I've been trying to look but cant seem to find any solid answers. Hoping someone can help me out with info.

Now I have a 1996 vs ss with 5 speed manual (factory). I got the car knowing it wasnt running right.
Its had a fairly big cam put in it (untuned) and has also had a resistor with a dial and relay wired into the map sensor to help it out below 2000rpm and relay which switches at 2000rpm upward bypassing the resistor, and afm removed (all fitted and done prior to me getting it and has worked on other cammed 304's to get running ok)
It was running but like a turd and I have it booked in to be tuned/rewritten in a weeks time to suit cam upgrade.
I started having a look in the engine bay and found that 3 ignition leads were damaged and 1 not even connected so replaced those. Also I noticed the loom by the firewall near cyl 8 had the insulation melted from being close to the exhaust, wasnt too bad so separated the wires and reinsulated them. Fired the car up and it took a bit but started running good, revved well and even came to a reasonable idle for a couple of minutes then just died. Further looking I saw the 2 wire oxygen sensor loom which joined the loom where i had just fixed was all toast. Now the car will fire but struggles to run let alone rev, wont idle at all, pops if I try give it throttle. Separated the oxygen sensor wires so they weren't touching anymore and even tried unplugging it but made no difference. There were a couple of earth wires coming out of the loom at the same point the are bolted to the back of the head which had insulation melted off them too. The wires dont look to be damaged and none are now touching. Would it be safe to say the oxygen sensor is toast or would there be more underlying issues? Help and info appreciated as I need to get it to a point where I can have it running for a tune