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VT 355 Stroker Questions PLEASE HELP!!!


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Apr 27, 2010
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Gemini 13bTT, Vz ss
im just getting into a 355 build with a VT 5 litre roller engine from a 195 SS

I have the stroker crank which is 3.48 stroke

Main Journal: STD Holden
Con Rod Journal: STD Holden

to suit rods

Big End Journal: STD Holden

1st question is whats the STD Holden size?

as both my pistons and H beam rods are coming from the states they are all STD Chev size

H beam 5.7 rods
forged low comp 60 thou pistons 1.560 Comp Ht.

im going forged low comp pistons and i have noticed that with VN heads the comp will be lower. as VN are 64cc and VT are 58-62 cc is that right?

so VT heads will raise comp along with the 60 thou

and can i use 1.560 Comp Ht. pistons?

I know my block has clearances for rods but am i able to fit the 355 crank without machining?

last question for now whats a good compression for running turbo or turbos? with the plans i have it will be approx 9.4:1 is that ok? from the research ive done it seems to be a good number

any help would be great guys
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