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vt cutting out and h/brake problem


Mar 3, 2011
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east maitland
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1998 vy aclaim
i am a newbie to this sight...i need a bit of help asap with my aclaim...i purchased this car a week ago and have to get a blue slip for it ...problem 1...car was surging at idle ,found the cause of this (vacuum control in dash broken and sucking air,,,since i fixed this problem now if i drive the car (runs good )but as soon as i slow down to take a corner or stop it cuts out ,no indication at all...starts and idles straight away ,no probs there any help much appreciated..
prob #2....hand brake not holding ,cable and adjustment is okay as with pads ,is there any thing that can seize up in the caliper to cause this..
been a vt fan since they were new but this is the first time i have been able to get one (she needs a bit of cleaning up as it has done a few ks but is straight and tidy (paint ,body and under carrage is all good..
i would love some help so i can get it passed for rego asap ,itching to drive it...thanks