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Vt fault codes


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Jun 11, 2009
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melbourne, VIC
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'98 VT commodre
I have a 98 VT, we just ran a scan with tech2, it came up with heaps of codes, we managed to clear most of them but Id just like to know more about the codes it came up with like if anyone else has had same codes and how they fixed the issues, part numbers etc.... anything really

> 48 camshaft position signal missing
>92 low speed pan or no BCM responce
> 29 EGR position fault
> 31 drivers sirbag open circuit ( capacitance low)
> 53 configuration mismatch ( to instrument )
> 7 PCM data lost
> 17 serial data fault
> 20 SDM fault logged
> 8 no serial data from ABS
> 10 no serial data from ECC
> 5 LPG sender short circuit

I dont really understand the last one about LPG as my car isnt on gas ?????
most of these had been cleared but i would still like any help .
thanks guys