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VT Fuel Surge

The One And Only KJ

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Dec 10, 2008
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1997 VT Executive
Hey all,

Just had a problem arise on my VT V6 in the last day. My fuel pump gave up the ghost yesterday so I replaced the pump and have got my car running again. However, immediately after changing it the car developed a power loss issue which happened intermittently under load at about 1500-2500 rpm. I took it for a drive today and the power loss happened a few times almost to the point of stalling exiting corners. I'm thinking it may be a fuel surge issue now.

If so, are there any things in particular I should look out for on the Ecotec's in regards to fuel surge???? The car has a brand new fuel filter and a recently replaced fuel filter (was replaced in December 2010 when I did a major service), and the spark plugs are only 8000kms old.
Any input would be appreciated