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VT Interior Light Switch Not Working


Wog On Wheels
Jan 8, 2009
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Adelaide, SA
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VT Executive S2 Olympic Ediiton
Hey Guys,

I recently added the rear courtesy lights to my VT. I already had a Calais spec centre light installed with LEDs for the main and map lights. The rear courtesy are LEDs as well and I used the harness from a Calais to wire in the courtesy lights. When I unlock the car all the lights come on and once the doors are closed all the lights switch off. However, it doesn't matter where I have the switch on the main light it will always come on when the doors are opened and off when they're closed. The map lights will work off their switches but I am unable to turn on the main light via the switch. Has anyone else had this issue?

I read something about needing a Police spec light for it to function correctly as it has something to do with the BCM or having to desolder a connection but I couldn't really understand what they were explaining.