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VT offset/backspace, center bore, stud bore, stud bore angle.. ect


Feb 8, 2008
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South Aus
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97 Acclaim
I have a VT Acclaim and I am buying 8x15 rims from the USA and as they are not familiar with Commodores I have to send the guy all the information about the rims to ensure exact fitment.

I have done tons of searches all over JC and the rest of the net and can not find the information I need.

I know the PCD is 5x120, I have searched offset and backspace for a VT but it is hard too know what I need even though I have found a little information.

VT Acclaim V6 = 26 + all other VTs are 43 +

No idea why the V6 Acclaim has a different offset to other VTs, I currently have 7x15 chasers on it but I have no idea what they come from.

I see most offsets are 26+ to 43+ apart from VP, the problem is with small room between my front struts and the tyre if I get it too close they wont fit and if I get it too far they will stick out from the guard.

I would assume the offset would be the same for any 8" wide rim regardless of if its a 15", 16" , 17" ect.

He specifies backspace instead of offset but I would prefer to provide him with both.

Also I don't know the technical terms but he also requires the following, if anyone can correct the names and even give adcive to what sizes they are I will appreciate it a lot.

Rim size: 15x8"
PCD: 5x120mm (4x4.72inches??)
Center bore:
Stud bores:
Degree of taper on stud bores: