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VT2 Start Problem


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Apr 4, 2009
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VT2 V6 EcoTec
Hi Guys,

I am going crazy.

Saturday 3 weeks ago my VT2 didn't Start.
Weather sunny, car was parked for aprox. 8 hours.

called RACQ, couldn't find anything, towed to garage.
Car was at garage over the weekend until monday the mechanic
had the firs look. the car was starting properly.

Last Monday same problem. Weather: rain. After 1hr drive I parked the car for aprox. 30-45 minutes. Jumped in and it didn't start. Called RACQ. Tried to cool the CAS. No success. Listend to the fuel pump, didn't build pressure up when ignition on.

Towed to garage and replaced fuel pump.

2 Days ago. Weather: rain. 5 min. drive to shop. 30min parked. car started properly. Another 5 min. drive to next shop. Parked car for 2 hr. Wanted to drive away. Didn't start. Let it at the shops overnight. Next morning I started the car. No prob. Drove to mech. checkt Computer. No faults. Mech said it is not an electrical problem.

All situations had in common. Car cranks, but doesn't start. The fuel pump didn't make that noise when I turned the ignition on.

Every idea is appreciated. Thanks guys.