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VU ecotec mystery gearbox rattle???


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Mar 18, 2008
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VU ute
Hi all

Ive just picked myself up a 02 VU ute stock v6 and 5spd manual, its making this odd rattle that i just cant seem to figure out and was hoping some people on here may have come across this issue before, ive done the searches on various forums and cant find anything that is of help.
this car has had its clutch and flywheel replaced bout 20k ago, had a single mass conversion exedy clutch etc the sound is noticeable from 2000rpm and up and gets quite loud, it doesnt make it when your accelerating only when your cruising or slowing down, ive had the gearbox out and checked the thrust bearing as i thought this may be the issue but with the clutch depressed you rev the engine you can still hear the noise however much softer, the thrust bearing in the car at the time was fine but i replaced it anyway, i found that the spiggot bush was floating in the end of the crank so i replaced it and even put some bearing retainer on it to be sure but after fitting everything back the noise was still there, everything to me looks fine inside the bellhousing, the noise is deffinetly coming from the clutch area and not the gearbox or engine as i had the car on stands and its easily noticable as to where its coming from. the only other thing that i was swaying towards was the clutch throw out fork as at the point it pivots off it has a clip holding it semi in place and it isnt firm sort of floats around,
if anyone has any experience with this kinda noise and could shine a light on it for me id greatly appreciate it coz im outa ideas.

regards Pat