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[WA] Vu SS 6SPD manual


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Sep 5, 2010
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Gosnells W.A
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VT wagon

I have come across a problem that I haven't yet been able to pin point it has been on a diagnostic computer and it has read that the three problems have come up since have been replaced.

1. MAF Sensor not working - changed that and the plug as the wires had split near the plug.
2. Purge solenoid which has been changed to one that I know works.
3. air con clutch - I have no aircon but that can be fixed but to my knowledge this wont cause this problem.

the problem i am having is that the car will get to 2500-3000 RPM and then will get like a compression lock/struggle to get past that rev line. but will get get over there and it does it in every gear. just wondering if people have come accross this before. The Motor has done approx 160,000 kms.

the MAF shows a reading when there is no acceleration there but as soon as acceleration no Air flow being put through..

just wondering if anyone can help me out on this issue.