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vx calais diff clunk/irs cv axles


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Nov 27, 2008
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Aspendale, VIC
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2007 VE SSV ute
I have a vx srII calais super 6, about 5 months ago my diff was rebuilt to remove diff whine etc... my car has always had a slight vibration around 60k and once noticed rear cv axel wobbling, but was intermittant, anyway have sent the diff back regarding clunking through gears etc... they are not too sure whats going on but have decided they will pull it out re-shim the gears and check the carrier is tight.. many ppl have mentioned to me that vibrations and clunks can come from the rear irs cv axels if they are buggered. While the diff is out etc... is it worth having both the rear cv axels replaced while everything is off to rule everything out? i can get the parts cheap... i just dont want to feel like i have replaced something that doesn't need to be done... i have had the car at many places getting checked out and not many mechanics seem to do much regarding irs drive shafts let alone checking play in the shaft etc.. worth replacing and that way the main rear driveline componets have all been replaced or re-built and can rule everything out? anyone similar problems or advice? thanks!