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Vx HSV R8 coulson seats into a Vy SS Ute


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May 15, 2011
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Hamilton, New Zealand
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2002 Vy SS 5.7 Ute
Hi there can can anyone help me. Just recently I managed to purchase or should I say stole a set of Vx HSV R8 coulson seats for $500 as I am wanting to install them into my 2002 Vy SS Ute. The coulson seats are in OK condition for there age but I am going to get them reupholstered at some stage in black fabric with black leather bolsters and head rest due to the backing foam on the seats fabric deteriorating making the seat fabric look saggy. The main problem that I found with these coulson seats is that the previous owner for some reason had cut off the orange and yellow air bag connectors and then disposed of them as he had the seats in a Vn commodore. Now I have a spare set of airbags that I got from some fabric and foam damaged Vy SS sedan front seats that has Id tags GMH VX SIAB Module right *AL787015297Y0343* and GMH VX SIAB module left *AL787115299Y0124*. Now my question is would an auto electrician be able to lengthen the wires and get new connectors or would i be able to use the spare air bags I have.
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