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vx into vs


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May 24, 2009
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vx motor into vs, please help, URGENT

hi guys got a bit of a prob, my brother has been flogging his vs wagon 1996
V6 with GETRAG 5 speed (YUK) and it got a big end knock, so he brought a VX S2 V6 engine 120000 ks $500 it came from a car with an auto, hears the problem...
The vs engine has dowels on the crank to line the dual mass flywheel up the vx engine doesnt even have any holes for dowles?
the vs flywheel bolt holes dont quite line up to the vx crank?
Is the auto to manual engine different?
Have we wasted our time or if we just buy a vx flywheel everything will be sweet?

any help you guys can give me would be so appreciated,

p.s he has also managed to drop first gear somewear so ill be rebuilding the box sometime soon, (they dont like going back to first at 60 k/h without using the clutch)
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