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VX series 2 temp gauge fault


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Jun 11, 2009
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02 vx equipe series 2
hi all,
this has probably been asked before so here is...

i own a series 2 vx equipe that has developed a fault with the temp gauge...while driving the gauge shoots up to the top mark, the odo screen flashes "HOT", the cooling fan runs very high as though the engine is over heating...when this first started i was having the problem of when i switched the engine off i couldnt start the car for sometime after having the gurus at my local holden dealershp it was found to be the battery that was on its way out that was causing the problem $125.00 and a new battery couple months go by with out a sign from the fault then all of a sudden it starts up, take it back to holden $185.00 and a new temp gauge thermostat evrything runs fine fora few months then back again..
i have had both coolant, elec and some other things checked out but have been tol that its an intermittant fault and not much i could do about it... as anyone had this problem and how where you able to fix it? im at my wits end and am worried that the next time this comes up the engine may go bang...