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vx ss 01


May 11, 2009
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Vx ss comodore
hey guys this is my first thread so ill start of with what my car has hade done to it.

230000 km on the clock


3.9 dif (fun)

stage 2 shift kit with brand new transmission (done about 2000km)

1.7/8 extractors with twin 2.1/2 pipes all the way through

mafles tune (sorry for typing error if some 1 could help me out how to spell mafless that would be great)

Hsv cold air induction

with all of the above its pulling
29x rwhp

lil bit strange down the quarter mile (i ausme its cause my piston ring are rooted) best time: 13.4 but it is up and down it will do a 13.9 then do a desent time such as 13.4

i did a compresion test on it the ather day and it wasnt good ranged from 170-230

but i pulled the engine out and completly striped it and found that the rings were rooted but apart from that everything looked real good condition for a 230000 km motor.
still need to get the heads tested though so heres hopping there aright cause dont realy wana bye a set of heads atm trying to consintrate on the bottom end sutch as giving it a desent cam, probly a 2.8k high stall, stroking it to a 408 now correct me if im wrong but im fairly shore you can stroke a 350 gen 3 ls1 to a 408 because i see kits for it on the net but just untill the ather day i thought u could only stroke it to a 383 i never relised u could bye a 408 kit for it.

but anyways im realy interested how cam/stroking combo goes

and also interested on you guys replys to my post