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Vy Stroked 4.2l Ecotec


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Feb 26, 2018
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Nissan patrol/Vy Manual
Hi all, i know this has probably been posted more then a few times but i cant find any recent posts anyway that ask what i need to know

Now before any body says don't waste your money just buy an 8, i can't i'm on my p's for a while now because i was a ******** when i was younger, i'd love too but i'm half realistic thats why i had to sell my 5l clubby a couple months ago as heartbreaking as it was but it went to a good home.

I'm looking into getting an ecotec stroked to a 4.2 by a very reputable builder in the western suburbs who i know has built many animal boosted 4.2l engines punching well into the 4-500kw range so i'm very confident on the builder but i'm looking for advice from people who have actually had it done and to see they're opinion of it. I'm looking at keeping the setup N/A and pretty much stock looking under the bay obviously, running a nice cnchead and cam combo to match and all the extra added fruit to go with it, i can get the short block done for about $6800 with just a nodular iron crank and cast pistons, and i know getting the heads, cam and whatnot will kick me up and more then 10k pretty damn quickly and plus a tune and a decent clutch ontop so i know its not a cheap ordeal one bit. I'm asking the people that are out there and have done it were they happy with their setup ? What power/torque figures did you end up making after the tune ?

I'm not looking to build a motor thats going to just get sat on limiter all day and thrashed every day, it'll definately cop a bit here and there obviously but i do want it to last a couple years hopefully as my daily driver. i just want a tough little v6 that'll hopefully keep up with the clapped out 5 litres and chop all those little 18 year olds in their siq auto vt commy's with a redback exhaust on stockies

I've had an ecotec built before in my old VS but it just had a 216/216 @111 camshaft thrown in with the valve springs and double row chain to support, sure it sounded cool and went nicely and took a beating but i want more, that cars long gone now, a mate still has the motor 40,000k later and doesnt miss a beat. Would it even be a better idea buck for buck just upping the compression and running a solid cam and head package plus all the fresh goodies to hold it all together ?

It'll be ran through a manual Vy commodore with a 3:7 ratio diff behind it just to clear that up

Cheers for your time guys