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VZ 190 (Adventra) - Tuning for economy - what mods ?

Discussion in 'V6 Development And Modification' started by who_me?, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. who_me?

    who_me? Guest

    Done 40,000kms in the Adventra (12 months) and after a few minor issues, all has been going well now for some time. Given the depressed market for used cars, I don't think I will be selling it for a while.

    Just wondering, to save some $ over the next year or so (given my increasing fuel bills), I was wondering if there is anything worthwhile to do that will increase fuel economy ? From day 1, including town and country running it has averaged 12.2l/100kms. I was thinking the car may also be easier to sell in the future if it was more fuel efficient anyway !

    Exhaust/Tune - who from ?

    BTW. LPG is out...

    Thx !
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  2. Spaced

    Spaced New Member

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    Feb 2, 2006
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    Sorry matey not possible, you can look at stuff like hyclone http://www.hicloneqld.com/hiclone.htm if it doesn't work money back garuntee. Most likely this stuff is a gimick though. Sell it and buy a small car.

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